Time to Euro 2019


Notice of Race


  • 29. June


  • 30. June


  • 30. June


  • 01. July


  • 02. July


  • 03. July


  • 04. July


  • 05. July



Social Events International 14 Europeans 2019

The important stuff about the Europeans.

Sunday, June 30th, 0:01 AM

Course Announcement for the Bastardo Trophy. 
In the bar-area of the Sailing Club.

Sunday, June 30th Daytime

Förde-Bastardo Race according to the official course

Sunday, June 30th

Opening Ceremony and Bastardo Pricegiving
Official Welcoming at the Clubhouse with food and beer.

Tuesday, July 2nd 7 PM

Gala Dinner at Strandhotel Glücksburg. www.strandhotel-gluecksburg.de
Tickets for Sailors are included, Extra Tickets are 40,00€.
There is a limited number available.
Please dress nicely.

Wednesday, June 3rd (Layday)

If we are sailing, these will be cancelled or moved.

Classic Car Road Trip (1 PM to 7 PM)
Explore the German-Danish Countryside in several cool classic cars.
(´65 Mustang, VW Beetle convertible, VW Bus, Corvette etc.)
You´ll compete in teams and receive a number of challenges.
Includes a picknick, fuel and a pricegiving afterwards with drinks.
85,00 € per Person. Maximum are 32 People.
Please sign up with Jan-Martin via Facebook or email (luehrs@blackbox-classics.de)

Visiting Schloss Glücksburg
(The lame way to spend your Layday)
Take a walk through Glücksburg and visit the castle and its Gardens.
The water castle dates back to the 16th Century.
You´ll meet at 1 PM at the boat park.
Tickets are 10,00€ per Person, please tell Jens that you are coming.

If you do not like any of this, here you´ll find everything else to do in the region: https://www.flensburger-foerde.de/en/
Evening: Meetup at the Bar at the club.

Thursday, July 4th

Surprise Social. Not a drinking game.
When the covers are on the boats, you´ll meet by the crane next to the Slipway. Depending on the weather, you might want to bring a wetsuit. And maybe some apples.

Friday, July 5th

Pricegiving at the Clubhouse with Dinner.
Additional tickets available at the raceoffice.
Please dress nicely.

In Addition to this, there will be free beer every day on the slipway when we come in.

The bar at the sailing club will be open every day until we want to leave. They also offer food for reasonable prices. Flensburger-Bier is one of the best beers in Germany.


Flensburger Segel-Club
24960 Glücksburg